🏀 Dang, Golden State’s defence was just ridiculously good tonight, Rockets just couldn’t get open shots in the 2nd half.

    I wonder if Bad Boys for Life might’ve been an IOU from Wil Smith to Martin Lawrence…or at least a “called in” favour 🤔

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    @Miraz now that it’s working again, I’m trying to send another webmention from an external site.  @shindakun

    ⚽️ That was a woeful performance by the Jets tonight, something’s gotta change, and soon! #PERvNEW #ALeague #MadeOfNewcastle

    ⚽️ It’s going to be a tough night for the Jets against Perth Glory tonight in the A-League.

    #PERvNEW #ALeague

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    ⚽️ I’d imagine Sydney got a talking to during half-time. I don’t imagine they’d even be satisfied with a draw.

    ⚽️ Wellington Phoenix are looking quite handy versus Sydney FC this afternoon, that last goal was very well worked!

    @miraz For an additional test, does it pickup the webmention from this reply?

    Welcome back Mikel! Now, for your first piece of business, can you please sell/release Özil and Xhaka in January?

    And just like that, I got the Rockets the win… 🏀

    At half-time, the Clippers look a lot stronger than the Rockets. Their defence is strong, Harden just can’t get open, and even when he does he’s having to take tough shots. 🏀

    I completely forgot that the Death Star’s main weapon was powered by Kyber Crystals…

    The latest Lightroom update for the iPad is awesome, direct import from SD card is killer! My photography workflow is almost perfect, just need a way to backup the iPad when not online.

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