The Veronicas

So more photos, this time it’s The Veronicas at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, way back in December 2007.

The Waifs

It’s World Photography Day today, so why not dig up and re-edit some photos from the past when I did a bit of music photography around Newcastle seeing as we’re currently in lockdown and can’t go out and shoot anything new.

So I get migraines now, how awesome is that!

NL1 – New Lambton v BelSwans

Photos of both the First and Reserve Grade matches played between New Lambton and BelSwans at Blacksmiths Oval on the 1st of August.

Arsenal are going to need to work out how to defend from set pieces around the 18-yard box, and they’re going to need to work out how to actually score. I don’t think Brentford were that good today…but Arsenal were definitely that bad!