Having an “admin” day in the office today, so far have managed to tidy up and / or delete old company accounts on 3 web services, saving about $200 a month…maybe I should ask for a tiny pay rise?

Currently, I’m taking Tapentadol, Pregablin, and Meloxicam, to manage the issue I have with my lower back and the associated nerve pain. I look forward to the day that I can legally access medical cannabis to deal with that chronic pain and inflammation. I’ll probably have less gut issues as well if I could replace those prescribed medications with cannabis.

Read Australian GPs cautiously supportive of medicinal cannabis access (The University of Sydney)
A majority of GPs support medicinal cannabis being available on prescription, with their preferred “access model” involving trained GPs prescribing independently of specialists, a survey by the University of Sydney's Lambert Initiative published today in BMJ Open shows.

Ugh…so now I’ve broken the connection between my site and my WordPress.com account, all because I wanted to delete my old blog that was hosted there.

I’ve just run through and removed all the #indieweb plugins, along with a couple of themes I’d been messing around with, to try and get the Jetpack / WordPress bit correctly linked again.

After that is completed, I think I’ll download the #indieweb plugin set that @ChrisAldrich uses in this video on YouTube and follow his tutorial through to the end to see what happens.

I really like the idea of the IndieWeb, however, it’s not that easy to set things up on an existing website. So many things to change, accounts to delete, and other assorted break points that need to be managed. At this point, I’m thinking about nuking the lot and starting from scratch. Ugh, what to do!

Took a drive past the airport and around the headland, it’s very pretty, and very rugged, along the coastline. Will have to drive further next time I’m in Wellington, see how far up the coast I can go.