Bookmarked How I Set Up My Indieweb WordPress Site – 2018 Edition by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (David Shanske)
This is an update to my 2014 article on how I set up my WordPress site. It was requested I update it. Standard Plugins Character Count for Post Content and Excerpt(Link) – Because I need to be aware of the 140 character limit of Twitter, one of the services I send my content to, I need to know the...
Need to work my way through David’s setup so I can try to get the webmentions and endpoints configured and working correctly on my blog here.
Ugh…so now I’ve broken the connection between my site and my account, all because I wanted to delete my old blog that was hosted there.

I’ve just run through and removed all the #indieweb plugins, along with a couple of themes I’d been messing around with, to try and get the Jetpack / WordPress bit correctly linked again.

After that is completed, I think I’ll download the #indieweb plugin set that @ChrisAldrich uses in this video on YouTube and follow his tutorial through to the end to see what happens.