Replying to: jbytes

@joshsullivan after shooting with Canon, Nikon, and Sony, the last 15 years, here's an additional 2c to add to everyone else's thoughts.

Canon's UI was more intuitive and their low-light performance was excellent. So many lens options, that L glass is sooooo good, but hurts the wallet so much.

Nikon was faster focusing, ideal for sports and kids, however their UI was less than ideal. I didn't stick with Nikon long, maybe 6-8 months, before selling off what I had bought.

Sony's UI is ugly and unintuitive, however, their dynamic range is better, the A7's are easier to use if you've got smaller hands, less so if you've got larger hands, they're quite compact cameras for a full frame sensor, and there's all sorts of lovely glass. You'll need 3-4 additional batteries if you're planning to go out and shoot all weekend.

I had been super keen to dive into Fuji, I love the look of their cameras, especially the X-Pro series, and their in-built film emulations look gorgeous, however, I couldn't justify the expense of switching out my Sony gear, and I couldn't convince my Wife to let me buy even more camera gear.

Mat Packer @matpacker