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January 14, 2018

One Month In, Tesla’s SA Battery Is Surpassing Expectations

“Following the early success of the SA model, Victoria has also secured an agreement to get its own Tesla battery built near the town of Stawell. Victoria’s government will be tracking the Hornsdale battery’s early performance with interest.”

Imagine an intelligent Australian Government where they put together an energy budget that would fund building one of these in each state, along with a great big solar farm.

Imagine the effect that would have on other Government’s around the world.

Imagine the impact that would have on the planet, the environment.


January 14, 2018

Social Media, and Me

“I have no concrete plan for how to approach the shitshow of social media in 2018 and beyond, but I know it starts with not giving a fuck about it.”

I think that’s a healthy way to deal with social media across the board.

Generally speaking, it’s a very brief and curated glimpse into someone’s life, it barely shows us what the person is really like and what they’re going through. Then when someone does post absolutely everything that is happening, in an honest way, we accuse them of over sharing.

It’s a lose lose situation.


January 10, 2018

Started this today, need to knock off about 20kg or so to lighten the load on my back.

Massages hurt!

I went and got a massage on the weekend, neck, shoulders, and back. Boy did it hurt! I’m still in pain 3 days later. The masseuse said my entire back was one big knot, reckons it will take 3-4 massages before I really feel better for it.


Ever wondered why you flip your pillow to the cool side when you cannot sleep? Because temperature is key to good sleep!

Moona is a patent-pending smart sleep system that induces and deepens sleep, by smartly adjusting your head and neck temperature throughout the night.

Shut up and take my money!


Since I had the injection of cortisone the other day, I’ve had a much better range of movement in my upper body…no more being hunched over like a 90 with arthritis. 

I still get the odd tingle of pain in my right thigh, right calf, below my right calf, and I still have all the numbness in my right foot. Not sure how much of that is to be expected, and if it is, how long should it last. 

Off to my GP on Tuesday morning for a checkup and to see what the next steps are. On another note, I need to get a “Fit to Fly” letter from him seeing as I’ve got to fly to Kuala Lumpur Monday week, and Darwin the following week. I guess I might need a letter stating I’m allowed to be carrying the amount of prescription medication I will have with me. 

The other thing I’m hopeful for is that my GP will agree with my that I should get the piece of broken disc or vertebrae removed so that I can go back to normal. Apparently, the cortisone injections work between 2 days and a couple of months, which is fine, except that while ever that piece is floating around I can’t do any sport or activity that may lead to me falling on my ass, as that has the potential to make me paraplegic. 

At least I’m getting a huge amount of use out of my Spotify and Netflix subscriptions.


CT Scan & Cortisone Injection

So that straight line on the picture is a needle going into my spine. It hurt, it hurt a lot… If I’m reading the report correctly, the needle was 8.8cm long.

The most fun part was when the Doctor said, “I’ve got the needle in the right spot, but I just want to test something.” and then he pushed the needle in further and my entire leg went into a nerve spasm and felt like it was on fire. The Doctor then said, “Did you feel anything then?” and I cried replied, “Yes.”


They just discharged from the hospital, they’re too busy to do the CT scan spinal injection today, I guess this is for the cortisone. On the plus side, they’ve booked me in for one tomorrow away from the hospital at a private, bulk billed, practice.

It was depressing as F**K staying in the neurology ward last night, all the other patients in my room were stroke patients and they were all pretty messed up. Too sad.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, and your shit stirs! I’m a bit pissed that no one brought me any whisky, though! 

JHH Emergency Department

So after reviewing my MRI, and the comments from my visit to the Sports and Spinal guys in Adamstown yesterday, my GP sent me to the hospital to see a neurosurgeon…

Here comes fun…

Back pains

So for those that have been following along with my back problem this past week, via Facebook, here’s what’s up.

At some point in the last couple of years, I’ve had a herniated disc, 2 weeks ago part of that disc broke off and is now pressing on my S1 nerve, which is what’s causing all the pain.

Soon I will see a spinal or neurology specialist, who will then advise whether it needs to be fixed surgically, or by cortisone injections.

Oh, and apparently the piece that broke off is apparently 1.5cm in size.

So for the foreseeable future, I’m not allowed to lift anything, I’m not allowed to stretch, and I should stick to wearing pluggers. And of course, I’ll have to continue taking my cocktail of Lyrica, Panadeine Forte, and Valium…

June, July, August, September, October, goals catch up

Way back in January, when I was full of energy and reading to kick this years ass, I set a bunch of goals for myself and for the first few months I was all over them and making really good progress.

Then work happened, and kept happening, and the routines I’d set all went out the window and since mid-June I’ve struggled to get back on top of everything.  I’ve got all sorts of excuses and reasons why it’s all fallen apart, but at the end of the day there’s only 1 person I can blame, and that’s myself. 

In some areas I’ve continued to improve, other’s I’ve gone completely backwards. I think it’s time for another reset so I can get back on top of my life again. 

Anyway, in the spirit of full disclosure, here’s a progress report…

  1. I’ve just finished my 23rd book for the year, I still haven’t reviewed anything on my blog, however I feel like this is a goal I’ve really made progress on. You can see the full list of what I’ve read, and what I rated it, on Goodreads. (Read 12+ books)
  2. I had every intention of seeing Suicide Squad, still haven’t seen it, apart from that, there haven’t been a lot of movies that have grabbed my attention this year, which makes it a little difficult… I do want to go and see Doctor Strange though, I guess I still have time for that… (See 12+ movies)
  3. So I lost 20kg, then I bounced and put 5 back on, then I lost that, and then I bounced again. Currently I’m sitting at 15kg down on January 1st, which is still quite good, and certainly keeps me still on track for the 20kg for the year mark, but I feel like I keep sabotaging this one and that I could have easily been at 30kg down for the year if I had of stayed on track. (Lose 20kg)
  4. While we were in Fiji in August / September I was walking 10km + every day, I had all the time in the world and I was using it wisely. When I got back to Australia, and back to work, I slipped back into my old routine of being insanely busy and everything went out the window. (Get fitter)
  5. Alcohol…yeh, so the whole bouncing thing with my weight is probably due to me drinking more / too much again. (Drink less alcohol)
  6. I dug another garden bed in the back yard, planted more tropical plants, kept it pretty neat and tidy to date, and we’ve got plans for the next garden bed all sorted. I give myself a pass on this goal.  (Landscape the backyard)
  7. Fiji was fun, that was at the end of August and we were there for 2 weeks. I’ve got a work trip to Switzerland coming up at the end of the month, and I have a week off of work while I’m there, surely I’ll have some fun during that time… (Travel for fun)
  8. I went to Toowoomba a couple of weeks ago, never been there before… (Travel somewhere new)
  9. I don’t recall there actually being anything on that I could’ve attended. (Go to a couple of Trav’s schools events)
  10. We had a fun, sometimes frustrating, season where all the boys improved week after week. Most of the team will be back next year, so I’ll be putting my hand up again to coach them. I’m also booked into a coaching course in February, I’ve enjoyed coaching these kids way more than I thought I would. (Coach / Manage Trav’s soccer team)
  11. We’ve picked up a couple more chairs for the lounge room, that’s about all we’ve done so far though. We do have a plan now however, which is way more than we had before. (Furnish the house)
  12. Yeh…it’s unlikely that this will happen. (Blog 12+ new recipes)
  13. Hahah, same as above, though I did finish the story mode part of FIFA17, that sort of counts, right? (Finish a game on Xbox One)
  14. I’m 1 level away from completing Alto’s Adventure, I’ve been stuck on the same level for 2 months now. And don’t get me started on Pokemon Go, man have I put some hours into that! (Finish a game on iOS)
  15. Nup, not a chance. (Make videos for YouTube)
  16. I was cruising along nicely with Snapchat, never got into Periscope, and then Instagram added Instagram Stories. I love love love Instagram Stories, not just from a consumption point of view, but also making them. (Concentrate on Snapchat and Periscope)
  17. Points at self and laughs uncontrollably. WTF was I thinking… (Blog every day)

When I read through everything above, I’ve actually done reasonably well, all things considered. There’s plenty of room for improvement of course, but overall I’m not that far off of hitting most of the goals I set for myself.  We’re 1 week into November now, with about 7 weeks left to go in 2016, if I go hard at it for the remainder of the year, I can make some solid improvements and get myself all prepped up for 2017.  

Now where did I leave my motivation???

2016 Goals Update — April & May

Work has been way too busy the last couple of months, hence the lack of an update of My 2016 Goals in April and May. I can’t really see an end in sight for the busy-ness, at least not in near future, so don’t be surprised if there’s not an update at the end of June either.

Anyway, let’s run through this thing as quickly as we possibly can;

  1. I finished The Girl on The Train (it dragged on for so damn long), #AskGaryVee (a very fun, and funny, marketing read), and Lock In (sort of sci-fi, near future, technology).
  2. I took a day off work and went and saw Captain America: Civil War. It was good, not great, lots of setup for the rest of the upcoming Civil War movies.
  3. I officially hit the 20kg’s lost mark, and there I’ve stayed the past 4 weeks. I think it’s a motivation thing that’s stopping me from further weight loss, that and being just stupidly busy. Really need to lift my game again!
  4. I started walking a bit, then it got cold…and I got lazy. No excuses here.
  5. I’ve still been staying on top of the amount of alcohol that I’ve been imbibing, however I have noticed it’s increased a bit over the last month or so. That said, I did make it past 100 days of not drinking, so that’s a pretty decent achievement I think.
  6. I dug a garden, planted some tropical plants, then loads of weeds grew and now I have a very weedy garden I need to do something about.
  7. Still looking forward to Fiji in August.
  8. Last year we went to a different resort in Fiji with some friends, we’ve just started planning next year’s trip…which is not this year, so how is this actually relevant?
  9. Work has been chaotically busy, so I haven’t been able to do any more school stuff this past 2 months.
  10. We had our first win last weekend! I think we’ve finally got the team working well at training, and they’ve certainly been playing much better come game day.
  11. The lounge finally arrived last week! And boy is it comfortable!
  12. Hahah I may have had ideas last time I wrote about this, nothing much has happened with them though.
  13. Nope, idea still scrapped.
  14. Same as above.
  15. I haven’t uploaded anything lately, I’ve recorded a bunch of stuff, just haven’t had any compelling stories to tell.
  16. Still on Snapchat, still snapping most days.
  17. It still makes me laugh that I suggested that I would try and blog every day. I’m struggling to do something every month, let alone every day.

So there you go, a quick run through of the progress I’ve made on each of the goals I set. Priorities are still firm around family and home, though work is starting to get in the way of that a little.

This month I turn 40, I think I might take another look at the goals I’ve set for the year and maybe give them a tweak, specially the ones that have already been abandoned, no point giving them any more brain time.

2016 Goals — March Update

Here’s a super quick recap on the progress I made in March on my 2016 goals;

  1. I’m now 4 books in, just about finished a 5th, but still no review… (see 12. perhaps)

  2. Still only 2 movies, nothing overly interesting to me came out in March but there’s a couple in April I’m looking forward to
  3. I’ve lost 16.1kg to date, 3.9kg to meet my goal for the year…might need to push it out to 30kg for the year
  4. Fitness wise I’m training my sons soccer team, I’m still preferring stairs to lifts, pushing around 8,000 steps a day now
  5. Still haven’t had a drink since New Year, today is 90 days without a drink
  6. No progress on landscaping our yard, we’re working through some plans though
  7. No travelling for anything but work so far…but I did book and pay for a family holiday to Fiji in August
  8. 14 days in Fiji coming up in August
  9. Nothing else school wise since last month
  10. We’ve had 3 training sessions so far, and this weekend we play 2 games
  11. Still waiting on the lounge to arrive, haven’t purchased anything else yet
  12. I’ve got a couple of ideas floating around now
  13. I think I’m going to scrap this, priorities have shifted
  14. Same same
  15. I’ve uploaded 2 videos this week to YouTube, granted they’re just Snapchat stories, but it’s a move in the right direction
  16. I’m snapping daily now, trying to make interesting stories about what I do at work, my daily life, etc. You should follow me on Snapchat
  17. Hah…

Health, Wellness, and Family are still a bigger priority at the moment, I’m starting to gain momentum in other areas which is motivating, just got to keep this hustle up.

Anyway, see you at the end of April…

2016 Goals — February Check In

Here’s a super quick recap on the progress I’ve made on my 2016 goals;

  1. I’m now 3 books in, still no reviews

  2. I’ve been to 2 movies now, Deadpool being the latest and OMG it was so good!
  3. I’ve lost 12.8kg to date, 7.2kg to meet my goal for the year
  4. Fitness wise I’ve not gotten into anything specific, however I am taking more stairs than elevators and averaging around 7000 steps a day
  5. Still haven’t had a drink since New Year, I think I might try to crack 100 days
  6. No progress on landscaping our yard
  7. No travelling for anything but work so far
  8. Ditto
  9. I’ve been to a ‘meet & greet’ at Trav’s school to meet his new teacher
  10. The team’s all signed up, we start training on the 15th
  11. Still waiting on the lounge to arrive, haven’t purchased anything else yet
  12. No comment…lol
  13. No comment
  14. No comment
  15. No comment
  16. Haha seriously no comment
  17. This was never going to happen

As you can see, the health, wellness, and family stuff is still rocking along, everything else is still in a holding pattern. I’ve taken a deep dive into virtual reality of late, so any and all spare time I’ve had has been reading and messing around with various VR things, this is probably time I would’ve used for reading and writing.

Anyway, see you at the end of March…

Depression is a Trip

Depression is a wildly confusing, exhausting trip to someplace you didn’t actually ever intend to go. Let’s say you set out for Austria, had in mind a little singing on mountaintops like in The Sound of Music, and you end up getting on the wrong plane and find yourself in Antarctica.

Some days I still get to feeling like this, fortunately since I’ve stopped drinking those days are fewer than they were previously.

You can read the full essay here.

2016 Goals — January Catchup

On the 1st of January I set some goals for myself that I wanted to achieve this year, to try and get some forward momentum in my life as I’ve felt a little like I’ve been in a holding pattern (of my own creation) for the last 4–5 years.

It’s now the end of the 1st month, so I figured I’d give you a little update on where I’m at. I’ve made some pretty decent progress on some of the goals…others not so much

  1. Read at least 12 books — I’ve read 2 so far, started a 3rd, but haven’t written a review yet.
  2. See 12+ movies at the cinema — I’ve seen 1 so far, twice (Star Wars), and I linked a review.
  3. Lose 20kg — I’ve been eating well this month and to date have lost 8.5kg, I doubt I can keep this pace up, but it is very motivating seeing the weight coming off.
  4. Get some fitness back — slowly slowly, don’t want to overachieve.
  5. Cut down on alcohol — This has been easier than I thought actually, I’ve not had any alcohol since 10pm on New Years Eve and I’ve been feeling really good, sleeping insanely well (8 hrs a night) and of course the weight has been falling off me.
  6. Landscape the backyard — My wife and I have come up with some rough plans, time and money will be the big factors here
  7. Travel for fun — Haven’t had the opportunity yet, I’ve done 3 trips to Melbourne for work though…
  8. Travel somewhere new — Same as above.
  9. Go to a couple of Trav’s schools events — School has only just started back this week.
  10. Coach / Manage Trav’s soccer team — Already signed up, just waiting for the pre-season to begin.
  11. Furnish the house — We’ve ordered a new lounge, it won’t be here till May… ugh
  12. Blog 12+ new recipes — This one probably doesn’t work well with the weight loss one, so I might be a little slow out of the gate here.
  13. Finish a game on Xbox One — I’ve started Fallout 4, I’ve played about an hour so far.
  14. Finish a game on iOS — I’ve started 3–4 games, nothing has been really sticky yet for me to dive into.
  15. Make videos for YouTube — Ugh, this has been difficult. I might write more on this separately.
  16. Concentrate on Snapchat and Periscope — I haven’t even opened the apps, they’re on my home screen though…
  17. Blog every day — This one has been difficult, most days I can’t even think of anything to write, I don’t want to just re-blog links for the sake of achieving the goal…might have to rethink this one, loosen the spec a little.

So yeh, as you can see, some goals I’ve made a really good start on, other’s not so much. I personally think that hitting the more personal goals, i.e. weight, alcohol, family, etc. are more important than the token reading / writing ones, so I’m certainly giving them a higher priority.

Come at me February!

Setting some goals for 2016

2015 was a bit of a “meh” year for me, didn’t go forward, didn’t go backward, just got stuck in place. Most of that ‘stuck in place-ness’ was my own doing, some of that intentional, but also quite a lot of things out of my control gave me issues throughout the year.

Anyway, time to brush of the cobwebs, get rid of the excuses, insert more motivational statements here…and set some goals for the new year.

  1. Read at least 12 books, review them on blog
  2. See 12+ movies at the cinema, review them on blog
  3. Lose 20kg
  4. Get some fitness back
  5. Cut down on alcohol
  6. Landscape the backyard
  7. Travel for fun
  8. Travel somewhere new
  9. Go to a couple of Trav’s schools events
  10. Coach / Manage Trav’s soccer team
  11. Furnish the house
  12. Blog 12+ new recipes
  13. Finish a game on Xbox One
  14. Finish a game on iOS
  15. Make videos for YouTube
  16. Concentrate on Snapchat and Periscope
  17. Blog every day

Figured I’d put this here as a starting point, maybe it’ll make me a bit more accountable.