I just died a little bit inside. I’m now looking after my Son’s football clubs website and I have to link everything up with Facebook, so I just signed up to a new account there… 🤮

Didn’t bother waking up early this morning for the Apple Keynote, so much information has been leaked over the past month about the new phones that it really wasn’t worth the effort. That said, the new iPhone XS’s are nice, and I will be upgrading to one as soon as they’re available. 🍎📱

The Secret To Getting Great Sleep Is…Socks

Of course studies on the positive effects of bed socks have focused on cool, winter environments

Personally, I hate wearing socks to bed, and if I do, I don’t sleep very well at all. The part of Australia that I live in doesn’t get that cold in winter, but it does get pretty warm and sticky in summer, and wearing socks to bed would only exacerbate the problem.

The actual secret to great sleep is to test out what actually works for you, track your sleep, do a little research on different “methods” of getting good sleep, and experiment with them till you find what works well for you.

I get my best sleep by not drinking alcohol after 4-5pm, walking more than 6,000 steps in a day, and by having a vape before bed. Following this routine, and being in bed before 11pm, I can pretty much guarantee an 8 hour sleep, with a solid 2 hour block of deep sleep.

Don’t Frustrate Your Customers

This morning, my boss asks me to do up some artwork for a display plinth for an upcoming conference. I contact the display maker to get the layout information from them, I also ask them if they have an Illustrator template that I can use, a pretty simple question, so I thought…

They respond with a “No, we don’t have an Illustrator Template, but here’s a PDF with the dimensions written on it” . After doing a CMD+I on the PDF they sent me, I learn that it was made in Illustrator…. 🙇

It’s so frustrating that they won’t / can’t supply such a simple thing. This would easily enhance their sales offering and allow business’s like ours, who don’t have a marketing / design department, to get more work done by them. I have enough design chops to put logos and images into layers in Illustrator, but not the chops to setup the template to start with so that the bleeds and what-not are correct.

After a quick meet with my boss to tell him what was going on, he decided to cancel the order for the plinths we had with them, with a suggestion that they “create” some templates that they can share with their customers, or at least offer a design fee to do the complete job.