So I get migraines now, how awesome is that!

Arsenal are going to need to work out how to defend from set pieces around the 18-yard box, and they’re going to need to work out how to actually score. I don’t think Brentford were that good today…but Arsenal were definitely that bad!

Arsenal’s marking on that throw in was a joke, 2 at the back post wide open. Leno stuck in a wrestle, but no one comes to help. 🤯

Ugh…in the opening 5 minutes, Arsenal look like the team that was promoted to the Premier League, not Brentford. 🤦‍♂️

Arsenal’s first half against Brentford was a disgrace. There’s going to need to be a few changes at halftime, be it tactics or personnel, for the Gunners to get back into the match.