Ugh…so now I’ve broken the connection between my site and my account, all because I wanted to delete my old blog that was hosted there.

I’ve just run through and removed all the #indieweb plugins, along with a couple of themes I’d been messing around with, to try and get the Jetpack / WordPress bit correctly linked again.

After that is completed, I think I’ll download the #indieweb plugin set that @ChrisAldrich uses in this video on YouTube and follow his tutorial through to the end to see what happens.

I really like the idea of the IndieWeb, however, it’s not that easy to set things up on an existing website. So many things to change, accounts to delete, and other assorted break points that need to be managed. At this point, I’m thinking about nuking the lot and starting from scratch. Ugh, what to do!
Damnit, I think I’m getting a cold! Tell me all of your tried and true cold remedies, preferably ones that involve whiskey, please.