Choosing Your Markdown Editor: A Comparison of Ulysses and Drafts

Ulysses and Drafts are both extraordinary apps. They each sit at the top of the heap of iOS Markdown editors, offering unique strengths that may appeal more to one type of user or another.

I'm a fan of Drafts, in fact, I'm using it to publish this link. I've tried Ulysses, it seems like it could be a very good tool for those who write a lot, but I don't and I found a few things I didn't really like about it. Each to their own, right.

Building a tweet in Shortcuts

I’m still a little annoyed about the pause at the Pythonista step. Maybe there’s a trick I don’t know about to get it to return to the shortcut. Or maybe I should consider rewriting that step in JavaScript so I can use Scriptable, which I think is more suited for use as a Shortcuts step.

I really need to spend more time with Shortcuts. I also need to start learning Python and Javascript.