Without thinking, I accidentally took an extra dose of my anti-inflammatory last night.

Normally, I the have 1 pill in the morning, but last night I took another one with the other meds I take at night, purely by accident / not thinking, and this morning I could actually get out of bed without pain. My hip joints are relatively mobile and pain free this morning too. The only problem with this is that the anti-inflammatory that I’m taking is pretty bad on your liver and kidneys.

Will have to have a chat with my GP about the dosage and timing next time I see her.

Read Australian GPs cautiously supportive of medicinal cannabis access (The University of Sydney)
A majority of GPs support medicinal cannabis being available on prescription, with their preferred “access model” involving trained GPs prescribing independently of specialists, a survey by the University of Sydney's Lambert Initiative published today in BMJ Open shows.
Currently, I’m taking Tapentadol, Pregablin, and Meloxicam, to manage the issue I have with my lower back and the associated nerve pain. I look forward to the day that I can legally access medical cannabis to deal with that chronic pain and inflammation. I’ll probably have less gut issues as well if I could replace those prescribed medications with cannabis.
A couple of days ago I stopped taking my antiinflammatories as my new Doctor isn’t keen on me taking them with one of the other medications I’m on. Within 4 days I’m having to take pain killers more frequently as everything between my neck and knees has all but seized up.

I’m pretty tempted to go back on them so I can get a reasonable range of pain free movement, and a good night’s sleep, but I also want the Doctor to see me walking like the tin man, all seized up, at my appointment next week so that she really can see how much pain I’m in.

I’ve tried taking a tumeric tablet, twice a day, as well as some other herbal type remedies, but I think I’m to far gone for them to have much of an effect.

Social Media, and Me

“I have no concrete plan for how to approach the shitshow of social media in 2018 and beyond, but I know it starts with not giving a fuck about it.”

I think that’s a healthy way to deal with social media across the board.

Generally speaking, it’s a very brief and curated glimpse into someone’s life, it barely shows us what the person is really like and what they’re going through. Then when someone does post absolutely everything that is happening, in an honest way, we accuse them of oversharing.

It’s a lose-lose situation.