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Indigenous for iOS

I’ve been playing around with using Eddie Hinkle’s new app Indigenous to post to my blog. It’s been working well for reposting, liking, and bookmarking, things from my RSS feeds (via Aperture).

One of my favourite features is that Indigenous allows you to share to your website (micropub) via the iOS share sheet, however, it only seems to work from the web browser, i.e. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, even though it’s available in other applications like IMDB, YouTube, Pocket, Feedly, etc. My guess is that it doesn’t work in the other apps as they don’t provide full URLs to the original post, so it doesn’t parse properly, which is OK, but Indigenous doesn’t give you any indication that it’s not working in these other apps, when you tap to share, select the response type, it just jumps out of the share sheet and back to the app you were in.

Anyway, here’s a list of a few features I’d like to see added to Indigenous;

  • ability to post from the share sheet anywhere, e.g. find a show in the, share that to Indigenous to post as a “watch”
  • when re-posting there’s no indication that something has happened once you tap the re-post icon, same for “likes”
  • ability to set the post category
  • ability to add photo without media endpoint
  • ability to set post kind when posting from the editor
  • automatically load new posts when scrolling down

I think with these additional features and/or tweaks, I can probably go completely mobile with posting to my website, which I haven’t been able to achieve since I decided to go down the IndieWeb pathway.

If I was smarter I could probably do all, or at least most, of the above using Workflow / Siri Shortcuts, or possibly, but at this stage I’ve not been able to figure that one out. Maybe I can get some help from the Automators Podcast Discourse

Given the massive shit fight that was Optus streaming the World Cup, I can’t imagine that this is going to go well. It’s also super frustrating that a telco can buy all these coverage rights, specially for those of us who aren’t subscribers to their services.
Reposted Optus swoop on key football rights — Daily Telegraph (
FOOTBALL-LOVING Optus customers still hurting from the telco’s disastrous streaming of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be groaning all over again today after learning Optus has secured broadcast rights to the UEFA Champions and Europa leagues.