Without thinking, I accidentally took an extra dose of my anti-inflammatory last night.

Normally, I the have 1 pill in the morning, but last night I took another one with the other meds I take at night, purely by accident / not thinking, and this morning I could actually get out of bed without pain. My hip joints are relatively mobile and pain free this morning too. The only problem with this is that the anti-inflammatory that I’m taking is pretty bad on your liver and kidneys.

Will have to have a chat with my GP about the dosage and timing next time I see her.

Greg McVerry on Twitter (Twitter)
“@matpacker I have not but I have been using Indigenous (on Android…there is an iOS version as well…may have different name) and Quill (on Web) and loving both. It does what you are asking for very well. (https://t.co/qrOLtnfxPL)”
@jgmac1106 I’ll have to have a proper look at Indigenous, it’s the same name on iOS, as I haven’t been able to get it working so far.

I had a very brief look at Quill, will have to spend some more time with it.