Every week, Grammarly sends me an email telling me it’s the very last time to get this special price…it bugs the shit out of me. If it’s such a special offer and only lasts a week, why tell me about it every week for months on end, clearly there’s no time pressure here.

Has anyone else setup the “mirror to Github” feature on Micro.blog? Interested to know if you’ve got it to work, because so far it’s not been working for me.

Migrating to Micro.blog

I’ve finally made the decision to archive my old matpacker.com blog and re-direct the domain name to my Micro.blog account. I’ve setup the Github mirroring, so I’ve always got that as a backup.

I may run a local install of WordPress on my laptop so that I can edit up the old posts, re-attach photos, etc. and then maybe import that to Micro.blog, however, that’s a long term project I can worry about later. I think the biggest issue will be fixing old blog posts where I had the photos hosted elsewhere, i.e. flickr, S3, etc. Pretty sure I still have all the images, but it’d be nice to consolidate them to a single location.

Ugh, I’m also supposed to be working while I’m doing this…

DNS propagation is such a random thing. I’ve had times where it took maybe 5 minutes for the new settings to resolve, other times I’ve waited more than 6 hours.