I really like the idea of the IndieWeb, however, it’s not that easy to set things up on an existing website. So many things to change, accounts to delete, and other assorted break points that need to be managed. At this point, I’m thinking about nuking the lot and starting from scratch. Ugh, what to do!

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  1. Congrats and especially if your birthday post was your first.

    Matt I came to the same conclusion, for a long time I just did my IndieWeb stuff from a subdomain using @withknown, been all-in on WordPress for a few months now. If you want turnkey make a subdomain and use micro.blog or Known. All in WordPress required me to abandon my theme and adopt an IndieWeb theme, but I recently added a page builder that allows me to design more image driven page.

    If your webmentions aren’t working stop by indieweb chat and we can help you get sorted.

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