Here we go again…

I’ve been really diving back into photography the last couple of months, and whilst Medium is awesome with words, it’s less awesome with images, in particular, galleries. So I’ve decided to move my blog away from Medium and to give Squarespace another go. 

This move will take a week or two to complete, one of the problems I’ve currently got is that there’s no easy way to export my posts from Medium in anything that Squarespace can read. The other problem I have is that my domain name,, is still associated with an old blog here on Squarespace and until that finishes being deleted (up to 30 days) I cannot point my DNS records at this new site. 

Anyway, long story short, I plan on writing a little more and posting a lot more photos over the coming weeks and months, and hopefully, I can get myself back into the habit of regularly writing and posting new content. 

In the interim, sit tight, there will be photos and words to look at soon enough.  😀