2016 Goals Update — April & May

Work has been way too busy the last couple of months, hence the lack of an update of My 2016 Goals in April and May. I can’t really see an end in sight for the busy-ness, at least not in near future, so don’t be surprised if there’s not an update at the end of June either.

Anyway, let’s run through this thing as quickly as we possibly can;

  1. I finished The Girl on The Train (it dragged on for so damn long), #AskGaryVee (a very fun, and funny, marketing read), and Lock In (sort of sci-fi, near future, technology).
  2. I took a day off work and went and saw Captain America: Civil War. It was good, not great, lots of setup for the rest of the upcoming Civil War movies.
  3. I officially hit the 20kg’s lost mark, and there I’ve stayed the past 4 weeks. I think it’s a motivation thing that’s stopping me from further weight loss, that and being just stupidly busy. Really need to lift my game again!
  4. I started walking a bit, then it got cold…and I got lazy. No excuses here.
  5. I’ve still been staying on top of the amount of alcohol that I’ve been imbibing, however I have noticed it’s increased a bit over the last month or so. That said, I did make it past 100 days of not drinking, so that’s a pretty decent achievement I think.
  6. I dug a garden, planted some tropical plants, then loads of weeds grew and now I have a very weedy garden I need to do something about.
  7. Still looking forward to Fiji in August.
  8. Last year we went to a different resort in Fiji with some friends, we’ve just started planning next year’s trip…which is not this year, so how is this actually relevant?
  9. Work has been chaotically busy, so I haven’t been able to do any more school stuff this past 2 months.
  10. We had our first win last weekend! I think we’ve finally got the team working well at training, and they’ve certainly been playing much better come game day.
  11. The lounge finally arrived last week! And boy is it comfortable!
  12. Hahah I may have had ideas last time I wrote about this, nothing much has happened with them though.
  13. Nope, idea still scrapped.
  14. Same as above.
  15. I haven’t uploaded anything lately, I’ve recorded a bunch of stuff, just haven’t had any compelling stories to tell.
  16. Still on Snapchat, still snapping most days.
  17. It still makes me laugh that I suggested that I would try and blog every day. I’m struggling to do something every month, let alone every day.

So there you go, a quick run through of the progress I’ve made on each of the goals I set. Priorities are still firm around family and home, though work is starting to get in the way of that a little.

This month I turn 40, I think I might take another look at the goals I’ve set for the year and maybe give them a tweak, specially the ones that have already been abandoned, no point giving them any more brain time.