2016 Goals — March Update

Here’s a super quick recap on the progress I made in March on my 2016 goals;

  1. I’m now 4 books in, just about finished a 5th, but still no review… (see 12. perhaps)

  2. Still only 2 movies, nothing overly interesting to me came out in March but there’s a couple in April I’m looking forward to
  3. I’ve lost 16.1kg to date, 3.9kg to meet my goal for the year…might need to push it out to 30kg for the year
  4. Fitness wise I’m training my sons soccer team, I’m still preferring stairs to lifts, pushing around 8,000 steps a day now
  5. Still haven’t had a drink since New Year, today is 90 days without a drink
  6. No progress on landscaping our yard, we’re working through some plans though
  7. No travelling for anything but work so far…but I did book and pay for a family holiday to Fiji in August
  8. 14 days in Fiji coming up in August
  9. Nothing else school wise since last month
  10. We’ve had 3 training sessions so far, and this weekend we play 2 games
  11. Still waiting on the lounge to arrive, haven’t purchased anything else yet
  12. I’ve got a couple of ideas floating around now
  13. I think I’m going to scrap this, priorities have shifted
  14. Same same
  15. I’ve uploaded 2 videos this week to YouTube, granted they’re just Snapchat stories, but it’s a move in the right direction
  16. I’m snapping daily now, trying to make interesting stories about what I do at work, my daily life, etc. You should follow me on Snapchat
  17. Hah…

Health, Wellness, and Family are still a bigger priority at the moment, I’m starting to gain momentum in other areas which is motivating, just got to keep this hustle up.

Anyway, see you at the end of April…