2016 Goals — February Check In

Here’s a super quick recap on the progress I’ve made on my 2016 goals;

  1. I’m now 3 books in, still no reviews

  2. I’ve been to 2 movies now, Deadpool being the latest and OMG it was so good!
  3. I’ve lost 12.8kg to date, 7.2kg to meet my goal for the year
  4. Fitness wise I’ve not gotten into anything specific, however I am taking more stairs than elevators and averaging around 7000 steps a day
  5. Still haven’t had a drink since New Year, I think I might try to crack 100 days
  6. No progress on landscaping our yard
  7. No travelling for anything but work so far
  8. Ditto
  9. I’ve been to a ‘meet & greet’ at Trav’s school to meet his new teacher
  10. The team’s all signed up, we start training on the 15th
  11. Still waiting on the lounge to arrive, haven’t purchased anything else yet
  12. No comment…lol
  13. No comment
  14. No comment
  15. No comment
  16. Haha seriously no comment
  17. This was never going to happen

As you can see, the health, wellness, and family stuff is still rocking along, everything else is still in a holding pattern. I’ve taken a deep dive into virtual reality of late, so any and all spare time I’ve had has been reading and messing around with various VR things, this is probably time I would’ve used for reading and writing.

Anyway, see you at the end of March…

Author: matpacker

Husband, father, tech enthusiast, who occasionally answers email.