2016 Goals — January Catchup

On the 1st of January I set some goals for myself that I wanted to achieve this year, to try and get some forward momentum in my life as I’ve felt a little like I’ve been in a holding pattern (of my own creation) for the last 4–5 years.

It’s now the end of the 1st month, so I figured I’d give you a little update on where I’m at. I’ve made some pretty decent progress on some of the goals…others not so much

  1. Read at least 12 books — I’ve read 2 so far, started a 3rd, but haven’t written a review yet.
  2. See 12+ movies at the cinema — I’ve seen 1 so far, twice (Star Wars), and I linked a review.
  3. Lose 20kg — I’ve been eating well this month and to date have lost 8.5kg, I doubt I can keep this pace up, but it is very motivating seeing the weight coming off.
  4. Get some fitness back — slowly slowly, don’t want to overachieve.
  5. Cut down on alcohol — This has been easier than I thought actually, I’ve not had any alcohol since 10pm on New Years Eve and I’ve been feeling really good, sleeping insanely well (8 hrs a night) and of course the weight has been falling off me.
  6. Landscape the backyard — My wife and I have come up with some rough plans, time and money will be the big factors here
  7. Travel for fun — Haven’t had the opportunity yet, I’ve done 3 trips to Melbourne for work though…
  8. Travel somewhere new — Same as above.
  9. Go to a couple of Trav’s schools events — School has only just started back this week.
  10. Coach / Manage Trav’s soccer team — Already signed up, just waiting for the pre-season to begin.
  11. Furnish the house — We’ve ordered a new lounge, it won’t be here till May… ugh
  12. Blog 12+ new recipes — This one probably doesn’t work well with the weight loss one, so I might be a little slow out of the gate here.
  13. Finish a game on Xbox One — I’ve started Fallout 4, I’ve played about an hour so far.
  14. Finish a game on iOS — I’ve started 3–4 games, nothing has been really sticky yet for me to dive into.
  15. Make videos for YouTube — Ugh, this has been difficult. I might write more on this separately.
  16. Concentrate on Snapchat and Periscope — I haven’t even opened the apps, they’re on my home screen though…
  17. Blog every day — This one has been difficult, most days I can’t even think of anything to write, I don’t want to just re-blog links for the sake of achieving the goal…might have to rethink this one, loosen the spec a little.

So yeh, as you can see, some goals I’ve made a really good start on, other’s not so much. I personally think that hitting the more personal goals, i.e. weight, alcohol, family, etc. are more important than the token reading / writing ones, so I’m certainly giving them a higher priority.

Come at me February!