On the 1st of January I set some goals for myself that I wanted to achieve this year, to try and get some forward momentum in my life as I’ve felt a little like I’ve been in a holding pattern (of my own creation) for the last 4–5 years.

It’s now the end of the 1st month, so I figured I’d give you a little update on where I’m at. I’ve made some pretty decent progress on some of the goals…others not so much

  1. Read at least 12 books — I’ve read 2 so far, started a 3rd, but haven’t written a review yet.
  2. See 12+ movies at the cinema — I’ve seen 1 so far, twice (Star Wars), and I linked a review.
  3. Lose 20kg — I’ve been eating well this month and to date have lost 8.5kg, I doubt I can keep this pace up, but it is very motivating seeing the weight coming off.
  4. Get some fitness back — slowly slowly, don’t want to overachieve.
  5. Cut down on alcohol — This has been easier than I thought actually, I’ve not had any alcohol since 10pm on New Years Eve and I’ve been feeling really good, sleeping insanely well (8 hrs a night) and of course the weight has been falling off me.
  6. Landscape the backyard — My wife and I have come up with some rough plans, time and money will be the big factors here
  7. Travel for fun — Haven’t had the opportunity yet, I’ve done 3 trips to Melbourne for work though…
  8. Travel somewhere new — Same as above.
  9. Go to a couple of Trav’s schools events — School has only just started back this week.
  10. Coach / Manage Trav’s soccer team — Already signed up, just waiting for the pre-season to begin.
  11. Furnish the house — We’ve ordered a new lounge, it won’t be here till May… ugh
  12. Blog 12+ new recipes — This one probably doesn’t work well with the weight loss one, so I might be a little slow out of the gate here.
  13. Finish a game on Xbox One — I’ve started Fallout 4, I’ve played about an hour so far.
  14. Finish a game on iOS — I’ve started 3–4 games, nothing has been really sticky yet for me to dive into.
  15. Make videos for YouTube — Ugh, this has been difficult. I might write more on this separately.
  16. Concentrate on Snapchat and Periscope — I haven’t even opened the apps, they’re on my home screen though…
  17. Blog every day — This one has been difficult, most days I can’t even think of anything to write, I don’t want to just re-blog links for the sake of achieving the goal…might have to rethink this one, loosen the spec a little.

So yeh, as you can see, some goals I’ve made a really good start on, other’s not so much. I personally think that hitting the more personal goals, i.e. weight, alcohol, family, etc. are more important than the token reading / writing ones, so I’m certainly giving them a higher priority.

Come at me February!

I’m putting this here just to see how sticky some of these apps are over the next 12 months, basically I’ve added MyFitnessPal, Momento, Strava, Kindle, and Periscope, to the home screen of my iPhone 6 Plus in line with the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

So far I’m hating on MyFitnessPal, the interface is clunky and slow to refresh, the app icon is a bit on the ugly side too. Other than MFP, I haven’t spent enough time in a single app to really form an opinion.