Deleting Online Accounts: Why You Should Bother To Clean Up Your Clutter

Why delete online accounts?

To reduce the likelihood of being hacked. The more accounts you have online the higher your chances of being hacked. It’s just the law of averages. And if you share passwords between accounts (go on, admit it, you do) the compromising of one account could lead to the compromising of more.

Because accounts become redundant. Two years ago you might have been a major user of a particular blogging service or online store, but they’ve fallen from favour. The account you have is performing no useful function for you. Though it is possibly waiting to be hacked or allowing your contact details to be passed to other people if you failed to tick the right boxes when signing up, or generated unwanted news updates in your inbox.

To protect your online identity. Oh, dear, that social sharing site you used when you were younger really isn’t you any more. The photos are embarrassing, and some of the things you said. Ugh! You really wouldn’t want any prospective employer to see them.

Time to do some spring cleaning!

Deleting Online Accounts: Why You Should Bother To Clean Up Your Clutter

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