Monthly Archives: September 2015

Flying alongside the Swiss Alps, from Graz to Zurich. Flight 1 of 3, part of a very long journey back to Australia. #Switzerland #InterSky #Graz #Austria #SwissAlps

Shooting some time lapse video again, one day I might actually do something with all the footage I’ve captured.

I’ve posted 3 images from my Instagram to the blog here and none of them have come across. Wonder who’s part of the API is b0rked?

Pretty tasty chicken burger, so far the nicest burger I’ve had in Basel. (at UNION DINER)

Yesterday I was pretty stoked with the wifi speed in the Qantas Club First Lounge in Sydney, well I’m now in Switzerland and on a mates wifi and it just is so fricken fast in comparison. I can’t even comprehend how quick this is!

I might just have to download the whole Internet over the next day or two. 

Impressive speeds in the Qantas First Lounge today, well they’re impressive by typical Australian Internet provider standards…

Shooting time lapse videos, plenty of time on my hand at the airport. (at Qantas International First Lounge – Sydney)

I love starting my overseas trips in the Qantas First Lounge, and I don’t mind skipping breakfast at home in favour of the Eggs Benedict here! (at Qantas International First Lounge – Sydney)

Pulled Pork never looks pretty, but damn that was an awesome burger! (at Firestation Hotel)