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I had no idea Paul Simon had so many good songs, let alone enough to make an Ultimate Collection.

Jason. That was a hell of a 3, man. Seriously, hell of a 3.

Jordan Spieth, to Jason Day on the putt where he sealed the PGA Championship, his first major.  (via parislemon)

All class by Jordan. That “kid” is going to go a long way!

Late breakfast at the airport. Very happy to be heading home today, it’s been a busy few days in Melbourne. (at Qantas Domestic Business Lounge – Melbourne)

Somehow I’ve been listening to a lot of Kanye lately. I must confess that I’m actually enjoying a lot of his music. 

This song in particular has been very sticky for me, there’s just so much to like about the vocals, the beat, the tune. So good. 

Not the prettiest plate, but this fennel salad and twice cooked pork belly was incredibly tasty! #novotel #Melbourne #dinner #hotel #roomservice

Mmmmm pizza garlic bread! So tasty! #hotel #roomservice #Melbourne #novotel (at Novotel Melbourne On Collins)

Ugh, I hate waiting for baggage. This was the first time I’ve checked a bag in the last 5-6 years of business travel. #Melbourne #airport #baggageclaim (at Melbourne Tullermarine Domestic Airport)

Bacon & Egg breakfast in the #QantasClub this morning. (at Qantas Domestic Business Lounge – Sydney T3)

matpacker 2.0

Pardon the lame web 2.0 reference….anyway, it’s not looking like I’m going to be successful in importing my old blog to Tumblr, so I’ve decided I might as well archive it. 

So if you’re looking for any of my old blogs, photos, recipes, etc. then you can find them at

I actually don’t feel upset about having to archive my old blog, it seems sort of appropriate as my wife and I have started a big ‘real world’ project of our own, and it seems somewhat fitting to start a new blog too. 

Anyway, still got the DNS changes and what not to make, hopefully everything will be complete before the weekend is over. 


I was hoping it would be a relatively simple process to move my blog to Tumblr, but it’s not at all. In fact it’s currently looking like it’s not possible at all. 

There’s a couple of tools / scripts out around the web that claim to be able to do it, i.e. import a wordpress blog into tumblr, but so far all I’ve run into is server errors, redirects, and other nonsense. 

As a last ditch effort I’m importing my XML file into blogger so that I can try Blogger to Tumblr. I’m hoping it works.