This was actually recorded a few weeks ago, I’m just in the process of uploading the Day 2 & 3 video so I figured I should share this one on my blog as well.

The audio is pretty ordinary in the video, I was just using the onboard mic on my MacBook, so I went and bought a Blue Yeti microphone and it’s made the audio so much better.

Further to the previous entry, I figured I might try and reinvigorate this blog by changing up the design a little. The plan is to make it a lot more visual, hence the big image blocks below the nav.

I’m trawling through at the moment trying to find a couple of decent images to use for the headers. Pretty sure I have a couple of photos from recent work trips that will look the goods.

I have no excuses, just been really damn lazy and haven’t put any effort into this thing in such a long time. Really need to pull my finger out and resurrect this blog…or kill it, which ever is hardest, been doing the easy thing far too long, time to do work.