How To Capture Video Game Footage On PS4, Xbox One, PC And Mac

Kotaku has put together a pretty awesome guide on recording your awesome gameplay action.

Only thing missing for me was recording iOS games, there’s a few different options from the Elgato Game Capture HD to just using the Lightning USB cable and Quicktime on Yosemite.

Anyway, well worth a read if you’ve been thinking about recording some gameplay to share.

Stupid spam

Just received this awesome bit of spam as I’ve just registered a couple of domain names for work…

This email is being sent out to you because search registration for is pending.

Please register these domains to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo ASAP to avoid late fees.

I wonder how many people fall for this and think that they have to pay money to Google, Bing, etc. in order to be listed in their search engines?

You’re Mac

Everything was plugged in. All systems were go. It just wouldn’t display and I was running out of time.

So my host calls in the IT guy. He walked in, looked at my set up and said it:

“Oh. You’re Mac”

Those were his exact words. He delivered them dripping with judgment. He didn’t say I was using a Mac. He said I was Mac.

A sad but funny read from David Sparkes.

And yep, I’ve encountered the exact same thing myself, but in the medical industry where absolutely EVERYTHING is Windows based….even if some of these softwares will only support up to XP. You remember XP, that’s that operating system that came out more than 10 years ago.