A look at the 2014 Mac mini

We’ve been working extensively with Mac minis for nearly 10 years. (Yes, we’re nearing the tenth anniversary for the more-popular-than-you-think Mac. They are great servers, come and try one.) When a new machine gets released, we often get asked for feedback and any opinions on the new hardware.

Brian Stucki from macminicolo posts his thoughts about the 2014 Mac Mini. He seems to like it and think that it’s a decent upgrade from the older versions.

I’m in the market for a new iTunes server at home, I think I might have found it.

Stuff that is disappointing me lately

  • I’m still waiting for my iPhone 6+ from Telstra
  • The number of apps, or lack there of, that intergrate with Health app
  • The mysogynstic crap going on in the video game industry, seriously guys grow the fuck up
  • The iOS 8.1 update that deleted everything in the Health app
  • Did I mention that I’m still waiting for my iPhone 6+ from Telstra
  • My complete inability to adopt a GTD like system and stick to it for more than a couple of days

I think I might keep this list open so I can add more to it later…