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Squarespace iOS app overhaul

Overnight, Australian time, Squarespace released a couple of new iOS apps, Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Metrics. 

Squarespace Blog is fully integrated with LayoutEngine, allowing you to easily format text or Markdown, tap-and-drag images within your post, and modify detailed post settings on the go.

So far I’ve had a quick play with Squarespace Blog on my iPad and my iPhone 5s (where I’m currently writing this) and have found it ok on the iPhone but unusable on the iPad. It won’t even load posts on my iPad, I’m about to delete it and re-install it.

Anyway, I’m really stoked if the Layout Engine works properly in the app as a vast majority of the blogging I want to do will now be possible on just iOS rather than loading up a browser on my MacBook Pro. You can even do link and source posts! 

Fingers crossed my iPad problem will be fixed with just a re-install as being able to post blogs on my iPad in the same manner as on my Mac was / is the only thing missing for me on Squarespace.

Update: It took 4 delete and re-installs for the Blog app to allow me to edit / post on my iPad. Weird! 

Update 2: And now I’m getting an inconsistency where I can select and markup text, i.e. make bold in one paragraph, but not in another, in the same blog post. Here’s a video on YouTube demoing it.

Update 3: I must completely misunderstand the meaning of ‘full integrated’ as at version 1.1 of Squarespace Blog you cannot embed videos like you can in the browser version, which is mostly disappointing because Squarespace said ‘fully integrated with LayoutEngine’. They should have just said, currently integrated with image and markdown posting in LayoutEngine.

Update 4: A couple of team members at Squarespace reached out to me over twitter about my concerns. Apparently they’ve worked out the lag issue and an update will be launched overnight (AEST) and there will be an update coming shortly which will allow you to do video embeds too! Now we’re talking!