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Squarespace Blog v1.1.1

Overnight Squarespace released an update to their blog app to address some of the issues posting and previewing on the iPad Air… So far it seems a lot more stable, granted I’ve only posted this article so far, but it hasn’t frozen like the previous version so that’s a win. 

Great work by the Squarespace guys to get an update out so quickly! 

Pencil by FiftyThree

FiftyThree, makers of the really awesome drawing app Paper, just released a new stylus for iOS called Pencil, it looks really cool…but they aren’t shipping to Australia currently which is a bit disappointing as I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one. Hopefully they rectify that soon.

Meanwhile here’s their promo video, try not to get seasick with all that motion!

Squarespace iOS app overhaul

Overnight, Australian time, Squarespace released a couple of new iOS apps, Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Metrics. 

Squarespace Blog is fully integrated with LayoutEngine, allowing you to easily format text or Markdown, tap-and-drag images within your post, and modify detailed post settings on the go.

So far I’ve had a quick play with Squarespace Blog on my iPad and my iPhone 5s (where I’m currently writing this) and have found it ok on the iPhone but unusable on the iPad. It won’t even load posts on my iPad, I’m about to delete it and re-install it.

Anyway, I’m really stoked if the Layout Engine works properly in the app as a vast majority of the blogging I want to do will now be possible on just iOS rather than loading up a browser on my MacBook Pro. You can even do link and source posts! 

Fingers crossed my iPad problem will be fixed with just a re-install as being able to post blogs on my iPad in the same manner as on my Mac was / is the only thing missing for me on Squarespace.

Update: It took 4 delete and re-installs for the Blog app to allow me to edit / post on my iPad. Weird! 

Update 2: And now I’m getting an inconsistency where I can select and markup text, i.e. make bold in one paragraph, but not in another, in the same blog post. Here’s a video on YouTube demoing it.

Update 3: I must completely misunderstand the meaning of ‘full integrated’ as at version 1.1 of Squarespace Blog you cannot embed videos like you can in the browser version, which is mostly disappointing because Squarespace said ‘fully integrated with LayoutEngine’. They should have just said, currently integrated with image and markdown posting in LayoutEngine.

Update 4: A couple of team members at Squarespace reached out to me over twitter about my concerns. Apparently they’ve worked out the lag issue and an update will be launched overnight (AEST) and there will be an update coming shortly which will allow you to do video embeds too! Now we’re talking!

Video of a 15-Foot-Long Airbus A380 Model Plane Taking Off and Flying

Check out this remote control model of an Airbus A380-800 with the Singapore Airlines livery. It’s 1:15 scale, is 4.8m long, and has a wingspan of 5.3m. 

I’d love to have a fly of it, but I’m relatively confident I’d crash the thing… I still remember the day I busted one of my RC buggies, got it up to a speed of about 100km and got skitchy, and hit the gutter of the street at about 100km…not a pretty sight!

(via Laughing Squid)

LEGO Star Wars Sets for 2014

There’s some cool looking new Lego Star Wars sets coming out in the new year, I’m digging the General Grievous Wheel Bike set and the AT-PT set. 

I gotta confess, it’s pretty awesome having a son who’s into both Star Wars and Lego…though it’s a little painful on the old back pocket.

(via The Brothers Brick)

Qantas offers Grange at airport lounges

Two whites wines and six reds are currently available – including a 2011 Yabby Lake Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, 2009 Wolf Blass Platinum Label Shiraz, Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz and Penfolds Grange.

Prices range from 800 points for a taste of 2010 Penfolds Reserve Bin Chardonnay up to 6,500 points for a half glass of ’07 Grange or ’96 Hill of Grace.

I could be tempted to blow out 6500 points on the Grange…

It’s true. You’re more effective and awesome with a beard.

Two Australian Academics, Professor Rob C Brooks and Dr Barnaby Dixson of the University of NSW, recently undertook a groundbreaking study on beards. The results were published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

The academics found that women’s perceptions of men’s attractiveness, parenting skills, health and masculinity all increase when a bloke has a beard.


And yes, I chose to omit the part about the lack of sexiness post 10 days of beard growth…

Study finds mobile wellness tools effective, but sustained adherence proves elusive

A recently published study from Finland, conducted in 2008, shows Web- and mobile-based health interventions for employees can be effective, but face challenges when it comes to employees actually using the technology over time.


I’m still not sure why I’m linking to this one, maybe just to point out how irrelevant it actually is as the data is 5 years old, the Internet is now pretty much everywhere and faster / easier to use, and you can get connected, auto-reporting versions of the devices the participants in the study used.

As an aside, I track my health using apps like Jawbone’s UP, Withings Health Mate which is paired with my scales and blood pressure machine, MyFitnessPal, iMoodJournal, Inner Balance, Mindfulness, Heart Rate, GB PRO, as well as a great big spreadsheet. 


digiDoc iPhone Pulse Oximeter

Being in the medical industry and interested in Quantified Self, I play around and test out quite a lot of medical apps on my iPhone. I’ve been looking for a decent Pulse Oximetry app for a while now, and I think I might have found it with digiDoc’s upcoming release. The interface is quite simple, hopefully there’s some form of database for record keeping purposes, and it seems to work quite quickly and effortlessly.