iPad Size Vs. Utility

My informal and unscientific poll of some crazy smart people indicates that many previously fanatical iPad Mini owners will be switching to the iPad Air. Previously, the most commonly cited reason for using the iPad Mini was “size.” But if you dig a little, it turns out “size” almost always meant “weight.” With comparable weights between the two devices most still prefer a larger screen.

Gabe from Macdrifter makes the argument that people are confusing “size” with “weight” when talking about their love for the iPad mini…this also makes sense to me and I’m now erring on the side of the iPad Air. 

I should stop following this debate…I really should. 

iPad mini For Content Creation

With the second-generation iPad mini, Apple is adding a Retina display and the 64-bit A7 CPU to the device while effectively keeping the same weight, battery life, and overall portability. The higher-resolution display will be a big deal for people who, like me, prefer touch-typing on the mini’s screen but found its display obviously lacking when compared to the third and fouth-generation iPad. This means that, later in November, you’ll get a device as powerful as the iPad Air, with the same display and CPU, only in a smaller form factor and with a lighter body. That’s an insanely good deal.

Federico makes some pretty good arguments for the new iPad mini, and now I’m second guessing my decision to buy an iPad Air on Friday. 

Currently I have a 3rd gen iPad which I love reading comics on because of the retina display but I must admit I do find the size of the device a little unwieldy. I also have a 1st gen iPad mini which I tend to read books on, browse the web, play games on, triage and answer emails, and write the odd blog post on…. 

Hrmm…..seems I may have answered my own question above with how much more I tend to do on my iPad mini.

The New Tweetbot for iPhone and iOS 7

Check out Shawn’s review of Tweetbot 3 for iOS7. I agree with him, it’s definitely worth the price.  

Oh and lastly, this is probably one of the best video reviews of an app I’ve seen in a while! I really hope Shawn keeps on doing them as they give you a much better idea of how the app functions compared to just a write up with an image.  

Home brewing

I’ve gotten back into home brewing again. Mostly I’ve just stuck to basic kits, i.e. Coopers Pale Ale brew can + Sugar + Yeast, which has been fine but in the last month or two I’ve really gotten into a bunch of different American Amber Ales, Imperial Pale Ales, and a few other really ‘hoppy’ styles of ale so I wanted to try my own hand at making something a little more like those beers.

And then I discovered Coopers Online Store, where they have a ‘recipe of the month’ pack…which just happens to be a pretty hoppy ale named Chubby Cherub, so of course I ordered the kit and made the beer over the weekend. It should be ready for bottling on Thursday or Friday this week, and then the first tastings in 3-4 weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes!