Getting to play a little nicer with Gmail

I’m a fan of triaging my email on my iPhone first thing in the morning. I’ve started using Dispatch to do this, after hearing Mike Vardy mention it on the Mikes on Mics podcast, as it allows me to fly through each of my email accounts either assigning the mail to (if I need to action it), sending it to Evernote (if it’s a receipt or invoice), or just plain and simple archiving it. 

Dispatch plays nicely with Gmail / Google Apps’ archive to All Mail process, however on OS X doesn’t, it creates a whole new folder called Archive on Gmail which just looks ugly and causes other little annoyances, like sometimes storing the mail locally in an Archive folder and not syncing it to Gmail, therefore not making it searchable away from the desktop. Aghh!

While I mostly process my email first thing in the morning, and last thing in the afternoon, occasionally I do need to deal with new email on my Mac as I’m standing in front of it most of the day…this is when hitting’s Archive button becomes a pain. I don’t understand why Apple hasn’t fixed this as they allow you to set other folders for certain things, i.e. Use this folder for Drafts, Sent, Junk, Deleted items.

Anyway, long story short I stumbled around the web trying to find a hack or solution to this as and there was a load of different options that appeared to work under OS X Lion, however nothing definitive under OS X Mountain Lion. I had seen the below suggestion used for forcing folders other than the defaults, and with a tiny modification it worked perfectly in on Mountain Lion.

All you need to do is first quit, then locate Mail.apps’ Accounts preference list, which should be located here (remember to change matpacker to your username);


Then modify the ArchiveMailboxName setting to [Gmail]/All Mail and then restart

Depending on your Google service you may need to set it as [Google Mail]/All Mail, but you’ll see that information in the Accounts.plist file for the other folders.

Now whenever you hit the Archive button in on OS X it will archive the email to the All Mail folder on your Gmail account.

It’s that easy.

I’ve got to setup another website

I’ve got to setup another website for work over the next couple of days, it’s a pretty tight deadline I’m on but I think it’s doable. It’s not going to be the most awesome thing on the planet, but I’ll at least ship something decent. 

Pretty sure I’m going to put it on Squarespace. I’ve had such a good experience since moving my blog from WordPress that there’s no way I could possibly be bothered building something on wp anymore. The layout engine here is just bananas! 

I’ll post a link once I’m done, assuming it’s not embarrassing..haha

Mumford & Sons – Hopeless Wanderer

I was a little late to the Mumford & Sons party, so I still quite enjoy their music…and the video for Hopeless Wanderer tells me they’re still enjoying their music also. It’s the sort of video that I could see the Foo Fighters making actually…

Oh and yes, I did totally realise that it’s Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, and Will Forte posing as the band…

30 day challenge: record a second of video every day

For June 2013, my 30 day challenge was to record a second of video every day. I was inspired by Cesar Kuriyama’s wonderful TED talk about how he records a second of video every day

It’s certainly an interesting project that Matt did here. I’ve done something similar in the past where I took a photo of myself everyday for a year, till the Everyday app stopped working because I started using the iOS7 beta. 

I think I might give this a go myself, and it’d be quite easy given there’s an app for that