Gahh, damn blog layout…

I can’t decide on how I should layout this damn blog, sidebar or no sidebar. I like not having a sidebar when I post photos as they look so much better larger, but then I like having the sidebar for links and what not. I guess I could play around with the visibility tags on the sidebar widgets so that they don’t display on either the individual article page, and only home the home page…that’s about as custom as I can get with this being a hosted blog.

Decisions, decisions…

Update: Seems the visibility thing doesn’t work so well with my particular theme, I can hide the widgets on say the individual post page however it still keeps the sidebar there rather than hiding it. Same goes if you do it the other way around, i.e. hiding the widgets on the front page but displaying them on the posts page. Wonder if I can do it in the CSS?

Update 2: Turns out you can do it in CSS, here’s how;

.single-post .site-content{
width: 100%;

.single-post #secondary.widget-area {
display: none;

You also need to change the content width to 960 px, in the case of my theme I didn’t have to edit the CSS to do this as there’s an area in the theme to do this automatically.

Still not sure if this is the result I want, but it’s a starting point. Might have to A/B test it over the next month or two.