Trask Industries celebrates 50 years of the Sentinel program

So anyone familiar with the X-Men universe will know all about Trask Industries. As a tie in to the upcoming X-Men Days of Future Past movie, Trask Industries has launched a website that you would believe is actually a real business…and a scary one at that!

Join Trask Industries as we celebrate 50 years of the Sentinel program and look forward to an even brighter future.

Check out the advertisement for Trask Industries below…

Moving to Squarespace…

So as you might have noticed, depending on whether the DNS changes have completed when you see this post, I have moved my blog from to Squarespace.

The main reason for the move was that I wanted a little bit more control over the layout of my blog, but I wasn’t prepared to go back to self-hosting a WordPress installation…so the next best option was to sign up to Squarespace.  

There’s likely to be a period of transition where some images and links are busted, however I’m monitoring all the 404’s and I think I’ve setup enough redirects to take care of most of it. If you do notice something though, send me an email through the form on the Contact page so I can take care of it quickly.

Fingers crossed this will all work out ok in the end.  



What does it cost to govern you?

I don’t know how much truth there is to this morning’s article on stating that Australian MP’s are amongst the best paid politicians in the world, however it intrigued me enough to do some basic maths comparing how much Kevin Rudd, Barrack Obama, and David Cameron, get paid to govern each person in their respective countries.

If the article is correct and Kevin Rudd receives around $500,000 AUD, Barrack Obama receiving around $400,000 AUD, and David Cameron a whopping $235,000 AUD, then Prime Minister Rudd gets paid significantly higher per citizen than the other two…and it’s not even a close race.

  • Australia’s population is around 23.2 million, Rudd gets paid around $500,000 per annum, that’s a $21,551 AUD per citizen.
  • In comparison, the population of the USA is around 319 million, Obama gets paid around $400,000 per annum, that’s a meagre $1,253 per citizen.
  • Whilst David Cameron receives less renumeration than Obama, at around $235,000 per annum, he only has to govern around 63.2 million, which works out to be around $3,718 per citizen.

That is an astounding difference! $21,551 vs. $1,253 vs. $3,718…

What do you think, is our Prime Minister worthy of that sort of income, or are the Americans and Brits underpaying their leaders?