My Meeting Guidelines

My Meeting Guidelines

  1. Meetings are to be scheduled no earlier than 9AM.
  2. Meetings are to end no later than 4PM.
  3. Meetings will not be scheduled before noon on Monday.
  4. Meetings will not be scheduled after noon on Friday.
  5. Default meeting durations are 20 minutes, and can be no longer than 50 minutes.
  6. The agenda should be clear, and never be “just to get on the same page.” Get on the same page before the meeting starts.
  7. Attendees will only be people who are directly related to the agenda.
  8. All attendees will be clear about the next actions and who is responsible for those actions before the meeting ends.
  9. Everyone must leave the room at the scheduled end time.
  10. Whomever scheduled the meeting will be responsible for sending out the meeting’s notes and summary.

Some times I wish I could get some of these through on some of our work meetings.

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My name is Mathew Packer, I live on the east coast of Australia in Newcastle with my wife Cath, my son Travis, and our dog Cherry Bomb.

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