Good riddance, PayPal

We’re in the process of putting together a new website for work and for a bunch of smaller items we were just going to use a Paypal ‘buy now’ button, but after reading through Elliot’s troubles with Paypal there’s now way in hell we’re going down that path anymore.

What was completely unreasonable was the email the followed our phone call: an email that stated that the reserve on my account was for 100% of the funds, and that the staggered releases would only start once the balance reached… £15,000.

From my experience and that of others who’ve suffered the same, it’s clear that PayPal are interested in buyers, not sellers. Why else would they provide customers with refunds at the drop of a hat, but withhold money amounting to thousands — literally thousands and thousands and thousands — from buyers without any valid reason, when not even your bank is legally allowed do that?

PayPal, you are the scourge of the internet. Fuck you.

As a buyer I’ve never had any dramas with them, but the number of tales of seller problems around the Internet is growing rapdily, and now that we’re getting into selling online, that worries me a lot.

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My name is Mathew Packer, I live on the east coast of Australia in Newcastle with my wife Cath, my son Travis, and our dog Cherry Bomb.

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