The so-called ‘Australian Tax’



Compare these two screen shots if you will. The same TV show (Travis is obsessed with Scooby-Doo currently) in the US and Australian iTunes Stores. The US version is available in both HD & SD, the Australian version is only available in SD, and look at that price difference. You are kidding me right!

The Australian Dollar is on parity with the US at the moment, and has been pretty close to parity for quite some time, so why is the difference still so massive? And don’t give me the stupid line about it being because of the size of our population, digital distribution doesn’t work that way.

I wonder if there’s more to it than just being an ‘Australian tax’. I wonder if part of the pricing difference on TV shows, movies, and music, is due to the local ‘rights’ holder, in this instance Channel Nine. I wonder if the contracts they have restrict the way this content can be distributed?

We’re all familiar with this problem in Australia. A new show will come out in the US, and because it doesn’t fit their schedule, or whatever crap line their touting, the Australian TV channel who bought the broadcast rights sits on it for 3-6 months till we finally get to watch it.

No wonder people resort to torrenting. This is just ludicrous. I really hope the ACCC actually has some positive findings with all the investigating they’ve been doing over this sort of price gouging.

Oh well, time to find a new provider of US iTunes cards so I can actually pay a reasonable price, and get the HD versions. It’s still not entirely legit, but it’s better than piracy.

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