Hosted blogs aren’t that bad

There seems to be a small but vocal migration away from self-hosted WordPress blogs, many citing that they just want to write and not worry about the rest of the guff that goes along with managing one’s blog. Squarespace seems to be the current weapon of choice, along with static options like Jekyll, and even Github.

From what I can tell, it’s a painful process, with Justin Blanton being the latest to experience the drama, From WordPress to Jekyll/Octopress or Squarespace?

One of Justin’s reasons for moving, or at least checking out his options, is one of the reasons I moved my site over to the hosted WordPress platform;

Frankly, I’m just tired of having to upgrade WordPress (and then make all of my little one-off modifications each time I upgrade), tired of having to manage memory on the web server, tired of having to think about whether something I do is going to break the site in some fatal way that I simply don’t have the time these days to fix.

Another one of the reasons was that it would stop me tinkering. For those of you who are regular readers here, cast your minds back 6 months or even further, how many times did you arrive at my website and see a different theme? Looking through my site archive I keep on one of my other servers there’s at least 20 different themes, and that’s only over the last 4 years! Since I’ve moved over to a hosted, apart from adding in the sidebar in the last couple of days I haven’t tinkered at all.

Granted there’s a few things you can’t do on the platform i.e. Linked List style posts, shopping carts, I think even advertisements might be off the list, but if you’re just wanting a simple little blog where you can just write and not worry about all the other stuff you might want to give blogs a look.

Squarespace is pretty awesome as well, though I tended to tinker there a lot too, and the new version 6 doesn’t appear to be quite ready just yet…but it’s pretty damn close.

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