The Problem With Linked List Style Posts

The Problem With Linked List Style Posts

I don’t always know what drove me to the random post that shows up in my Instapaper queue and I completely miss what I signed up for in the first place: Marco’s context.

I think Michael’s take on this is the best I’ve read so far. I hadn’t really considered the ‘read later’ side of this link economy equation yet, but it makes a lot of sense as more often than not it’s the linker’s opinion / takeaway that drew me to the article in the first place and now it’s lost.

For more backstory, here’s a few articles by other writers with their opinions;

Basically it all gets down to this;

Link generously, link obviously, link at the start, link at the finish, but give the reader an experience that makes sense.

I’d expect we’ll get further thoughts from guys like Ben Brooks, Shawn Blanc, and others over the next few days.

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