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Jumping USB3 Flash — It’s a gas!

If small size is the priority and you have a 2012 Apple laptop, you should consider using an SD card as your jump drive. That’s because the fastest SDHC card on the newest laptops is more than twice as fast as the same SD card in the SD slot of the 2011 and older Apple laptops.

Using an SD card for storage, it’s so ‘derr Mat’that I hadn’t considered this as an option to increase the capacity on my MacBook Air which is rapidly running out of space due to the number of projects and things I’m working on.

It also solves a big problem for us on what movies and TV shows to sync to the kids iPad prior to going on holidays next month.

(via Ben Brooks)

Photos from Barnbougle Dunes

Barnbougle Dunes

I finally got to play Barnbougle Dunes Golf Course last Friday, I’ve had plenty of people tell me over the last 3 years that I’ve been playing golf that I must go and play there at least once. What a fantastic course. It’s easy to see why it’s rated in the Top 10 public golf courses in the world.

I got lucky and there was hardly a hint of a breeze, so I didn’t have that to contend with, still it’s a tough course if you don’t hit the fairways. There’s some really tough fairway bunkers to catch out both short and long drives, there’s some big and tough bunkers around many of the greens too. The greens were a lot faster than I expected, not quite Western Australian speeds but still pretty quick.

The staff in the club house were really nice and friendly, the bar menu is pretty decent too, I can highly recommend the Chicken Burger.

Definitely one of the best courses I’ve played, if you’ve never play at Barnbougle Dunes I highly recommend you make the trip down to Tasmania and head on out to Bridport.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of photos I snapped throughout the day.

The Problem With Linked List Style Posts

The Problem With Linked List Style Posts

I don’t always know what drove me to the random post that shows up in my Instapaper queue and I completely miss what I signed up for in the first place: Marco’s context.

I think Michael’s take on this is the best I’ve read so far. I hadn’t really considered the ‘read later’ side of this link economy equation yet, but it makes a lot of sense as more often than not it’s the linker’s opinion / takeaway that drew me to the article in the first place and now it’s lost.

For more backstory, here’s a few articles by other writers with their opinions;

Basically it all gets down to this;

Link generously, link obviously, link at the start, link at the finish, but give the reader an experience that makes sense.

I’d expect we’ll get further thoughts from guys like Ben Brooks, Shawn Blanc, and others over the next few days.

TextExpander, Markdown, and Dr Drang

This little bit of TextExpander & Markdown kung-fu from Dr Drang is awesome. Sure it’s been done before in other ways, for me however this one makes the most sense and slots into my writing workflow so easily.

The motivation is simple: you’re going to write a post, and your research links are open in tabs in your browser. Instead of creating the links one at a time as you write the post, you create them all in one fell swoop down at the bottom of the file and then refer to them as you write.

If you use it, just make sure you set the content type to Applescript!