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Astonishing X-Men

Comics on the new iPad

Jason pretty much sums up the good and the ‘could be better’ of comiXology, and reading comics on the iPad in general.

Moar Better

comiXology may be the best comics app out there, but there’s always room for improvement. Some of the typical interactions I’m used to in other services leave me wanting with Comixology. It has the potential to be even more awesome than it is now, and these are a few of my humble desires from it in the future:

I must confess that I love reading comics on the iPad, I wasn’t much of a comic reader till recently but since the iPad 3 was released, and since I discovered comiXology, I’ve been obsessed. So far I’ve been loving Astonishing X-Men, Usagi Yojimbo, The Mighty Thor, The Sixth Gun, and American Vampire. There’s so many stories and arcs to follow, you can just go crazy, there’s almost infinite possibilities.

If you have any passing interest in comics, and you have an iPad (or even an Android device), then definitely check out comiXology and go read the rest of Jason’s article. Start your own pull list, and get collecting.

Google Chrome for iOS

Seeing a lot of articles saying that Google has released Chrome for iOS today… I wonder if it will actually be released today, as I write this it’s still not in the Australian App Store and there’s not that many hours left ‘today’ in the US.

Update: It’s available now in the Australian App Store…but only if you go through iTunes, it doesn’t seem to be available via the App Store on the iPad.

Faster Facebook iOS app coming…

The Facebook iOS app is horribly slow, but apparently that will change in the not too distant future thanks to a reasonably large rewrite, moving away from being mostly a HTML5 browser to a native Objective-C app.

The New York Times agrees, and they’ve gotten a few Facebook engineers to promise, off the record, that the next version of the app will be better. It’s being rebuilt in native Objective-C (the current app mostly uses HTML5), it’ll be faster, and it’ll actually work the way it’s supposed to work, letting you use Facebook as normal from your iPhone.

This can’t come soon enough in my opinion, it pains me to spend any more than a few seconds in the current Facebook iOS app, more often I opt to use my MacBook Air if I need to do anything more than a simple status update.

(via TUAW)


June 28, 2012

I really don’t get Google’s naming convention for their Android releases. The latest being Jelly Bean.

Google Nexus

Google Nexus

Overnight Google unveiled their next big brand, Nexus.

Nexus is a phone, a tablet, and a media player (kind of like an Apple TV). Nothing really new with any of these devices, apart from the complete end to end control, and therefore better integration and experience, from Google.

Finally it looks like Google might have learnt a lesson from Apple, in that controlling the entire product experience means that you’ll likely have better adoption as everything just works together properly.

Regular people aren’t geeks, they don’t want to hack things together to make a working whole, they just want things to work. Apple has excelled in recent times with this philosophy all the while Google was preaching ‘open’.

Good work Google, hopefully these devices will help them get back in the market, and by proxy make Apple have to work a little harder.


Bill Gates: tablets in the classroom have a ‘terrible track record’

Just giving people devices, that has a really terrible track record. You really have to change the curriculum and the teacher and those things, and it’s never going to work on a device where you don’t have keyboard-type input.

So can we just get Frasier Speirs to respond to this and totally debunk “Bill’s Law”, because his real life deployment in the real world is somewhat different to this.


Take this simple marketing quiz

Most people say they choose #2. In fact, most marketers actually do #1 or #4, and it’s only #3 that gives you the best chance–create a remarkable product or service…

I really have to remember this come mid-July when I’m prepping our booth space for CSANZ. I need to have something smart, cool, innovative, and I need to show my potential and existing clients that they matter.

When you’ve done many conferences where you’ve spent many hours on a booth, it’s hard to get really motivated to do something different, or at least interesting.


Image 2012: #1s Collection

Why pick just a few of Image’s #1’s of 2012, when you can have them all? This discounted, limited-time collection of 2012 debuts gets you started on what may very well be the classic comics of tomorrow! Over 20 books including Saga, Fatale, The Manhattan Projects and more!

Wicked release from Comixology!

A Day in the Life – Ryan Sheckler for GoPro HD

This promo video for GoPro HD’s Wi-Fi Back Pack, of Ryan Sheckler is seriously cool, GoPro are doing some exciting stuff in the video space.

Check what this thing is capable of;

The Wi-Fi Combo Kit enables remote control, live preview and playback on smartphones and tablets*, live streaming* to the web, and more. The Wi-Fi Combo Kit is compatible with HD HERO2 and Original HD HERO cameras.

Wi-Fi Remote:

  • Control up to 50 cameras a time, 600’ / 180m range
  • Full camera control: On/Off, Mode, Shutter, and Settings
  • Attachment strap, key ring, and charging cable included
  • Wearable & Waterproof to 10’/3m

I wish I could come up with an adequate excuse to buy some of this gear, despite it not being available in Australia yet (most likely because of having to separately register the devices use on our radio spectrum)…


CIOs Beware: New Macbook Pro Could Drive More Bandwidth Use

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly suggested that the higher resolution Retina displays of the new iPad and forthcoming Macbook Pro computers would increase consumption of network bandwidth, thus slowing performance of corporate networks. Higher resolution screens do not in and of themselves consume more network bandwidth. Some analysts have suggested that owners of devices with high-resolution screens will likely consume more video and HD video, which would result in higher bandwidth consumption. This article has been modified to reflect this change.

Apart from being factually incorrect, the thing that cracks me up about this article is that even after it has been corrected it is still actually incorrect.

If you’re looking to shave a few points off of your IQ, go digest this article and bathe in it’s stupidity.

Updated – Final Cut Pro X, Aperture, Motion and Compressor get retina display updates

Retina Display updates for Motion and Compressor

Just logged in to the App Store, and was notified of updates to Motion and Compressor…you’ve got to wonder whether there just might be and update coming to Final Cut Pro X today, and maybe Aperture too, after seeing the new / tweaked UI in Apple’s keynote this morning at WWDC.

Update: Yes indeed we now have new versions of Final Cut Pro X and Aperture. Lots and lots of new features in Aperture in particular, check out the screen shots below for a full update list.