Twitter’s new privacy concerns…or unconcerns

People do tend to jump onto privacy / anti-privacy bandwagons pretty rapidly, specially these days with Facebook and Twitter and the general super sharing of all things on the Internet…

Lots of tinfoil hat, bat-shit insane talk right there. What annoys me to no end is that Curtis omits an important part of this story.

Both Jeremy and Dustin make good points, but as always details and arguments derail the conversation and potential for improvement and understanding. Black and white views are well and good, but often there’s some pretty grey areas.

Oh, and here are the two articles in question;

  1. Twitter is tracking you on the web
  2. Twitter’s ‘slippery slope’ isn’t one

Update: Yes Jeremy has a newer version of Safari (no doubt from the Mountain Lion beta) and if you’re like me it’s unlikely you have these settings available in your current Lion build of Safari.

(Via. The Loop.)

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