We’ve acquired Motorola Mobility

We’ve acquired Motorola Mobility

This might actually make Google, and the Android operating system, competitive with Apple and iOS. All along Google has been preaching the value of “open” but now I wouldn’t mind betting that Google closes Android down a little and moves a little more toward Apple’s idea of the App Store.

The phones in our pockets have become supercomputers that are changing the way we live. It’s now possible to do things we used to think were magic, or only possible on Star Trek—like get directions right from where we are standing; watch a video on YouTube; or take a picture and share the moment instantly with friends.

It’s why I’m excited to announce today that our Motorola Mobility deal has closed. Motorola is a great American tech company that has driven the mobile revolution, with a track record of over 80 years of innovation, including the creation of the first cell phone. We all remember Motorola’s StarTAC, which at the time seemed tiny and showed the real potential of these devices. And as a company who made a big, early bet on Android, Motorola has become an incredibly valuable partner to Google.

Overall this is a good acquisition for Google, and for the industry as a whole as if it all goes according to the presumed plan Apple and others will have some competition again.