Samsung Galaxy S III garners over 9 million pre-orders worldwide

If these numbers are accurate, I’d say the Galaxy III is going to be very popular. What concerns me however is that these are pre-orders for carriers, not people…I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it sells when it becomes available at the end of the month.

An unnamed Samsung official, speaking to the Korea Economic Daily, said that the new flagship handset has had over 9 million units preordered worldwide. This total includes devices that will be sold by more than 290 carriers in 145 countries.

(Via The Verge.)

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S III garners over 9 million pre-orders worldwide”

  1. […] Like I mentioned in my comments on the Samsung presser, it’s looking like these 9 million phones are going to carriers and not directly to customers. […]


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