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Launceston Sunset


Down in Launceston, Tasmania at the moment for work. It’s quite a pretty city, reminds me a bit of Zug in Switzerland, or maybe Graz in Austria.


The Modern Father | Lifehacker articles I’m currently drafting

Maximize Your Money to Get More Things

Rotate Your Television to Have Better Viewing Angles From Any Seat in the Room

Be More Productive at Work by Finishing More Tasks

Use Parts From an Ikea Desk to Build an Affordable DIY Flat-Topped Productivity Station

Five Easy Steps to Making a Five Step List

I love a list joke at Lifehacker’s expense.

(Via Merlin Mann.)


Quickly share iOS photos with your Mac

There are plenty of ways to transfer photos from an iOS device to a Mac—I generally email them to myself or use Messages—but it can still be a hassle.

Amazing tip! Which you’ll need to go and read on Macworld.


The Mac App Store: Falling In Love Again

Andy Ihnatko on why the Mac App Store makes a lot of sense going forward.

Generating this image was a needlessly long and complicated process. Oh, the app is easy as pie. It was only complicated because I hadn’t really used the app in ages. I downloaded a fresh copy from HDRSoft and looked in my Mail archive for the license code, but I couldn’t find it. I used their website’s automated thingy to have it re-sent to me, but they didn’t have the code on file and it was a holiday weekend.

Total Recall

I’m both excited and apprehensive about the remake of Total Recall. It has the potential to be better than the original, which was among my favourite movies in my teens (and not just because of the girl with 3 boobs) and one of my favourite books…but the jury is still out on whether Colin Farrell can reprise Arnie’s role.

Pork Belly


I’ve got a lovely bit of pork belly to cook with tonight. Not sure whether I should slow roast it for 2-3 hours, or maybe do something fancier with it?

Either way, I’m looking forward to eating it!

Auto-posting a article to Tumblr?

From an interview between Sarah Lacy and Matt Mullenweg;

We were in New York, Tumblr is a New York company, and a New York audience wanted to know how the company plans to compete.

The answer lies in the way WordPress views Tumblr. Mullenweg said Tumblr is not a competitor. It’s complementary. In the way that Twitter or Facebook act as tools that can amplify a message and share content across the Web, Tumblr is another medium. Tumblr’s dashboard traffic is higher than its pageview traffic, Mullenweg said.

So it makes sense that the company is building a tool that pushes blog posts to Tumblr. Mullenweg let slip on stage that, in the coming weeks, WordPress would roll out that functionality, which I understand will look similar to the way Google’s Blogger does.

“Let’s say that there is a way that when you post to WordPress it goes to Tumblr, and it has its own website instead of just appearing in a dashboard,” he said. “I think that if Tumblr continues on its path WordPress and Tumblr could be highly complementary in that regard.”

This excites me a lot.


20 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

A handy article from Popular mechanics on 20 different ways to open a beer bottle, in the even that you don’t have a bottle opener handy.

My personal favourite;

Hook your finger over the top of the bottle, making sure the ring catches on the cap, and push up (or pull down) until it dislodges. This may hurt; but on the other hand: beer.


May 26, 2012

Well that was a lot easier than I thought it would be.


May 25, 2012

I’m thinking of moving my blog over a hosted blog, paying for a premium account, and killing off my MediaTemple account…just to make life easier, no more worrying about traffic, servers, updates, etc.


Facebook Camera for iPhone

The Verge has a decent hands-on video with the new Facebook Camera app. It’s quite nice.

Apart from getting an extra hook into their users, the biggest feature at play here seems to be batch uploading.

Coda 2

Coda 2 was released yesterday as well, and from the various articles and reviews hitting the web it seems to be as awesome as Diet Coda.

I haven’t upgraded yet, I’m still on the original Coda…but I must confess that I’m probably going to have to upgrade despite not really needing too because the 50% off introduction offer that Panic is currently running is a little hard to refuse.

Anyway, here’s a couple of reviews;

Diet Coda

Diet Coda has been available on the App Store all day here in Australia, and to say Panic have done a good job of it is an understatement.

Diet Coda is a damn gorgeous app!

I have been using Diet Coda most of today to update the site here, it’s performed flawlessly. I’ve been copying and pasting code from TypeKit, directly editing the CSS, and just generally cleaning up the site, and I couldn’t be happier.

There’s no denying that the iPad is a creation device. You could literally build a website from the ground up in Diet Coda on the iPad. The code completion is awesome, admittedly I’ve only been tweaking CSS so far, but from the demo content I’ve seen it’s equally adept at numerous languages.

If you maintain any websites, and you have an iPad, do yourself a favour and go and purchase Diet Coda.

Update: The one thing I couldn’t work out was how to edit invisible files, ie. .htaccess

Update 2: Federico from Mac Stories has a great review up on the Macstories site.


We’ve acquired Motorola Mobility

This might actually make Google, and the Android operating system, competitive with Apple and iOS. All along Google has been preaching the value of “open” but now I wouldn’t mind betting that Google closes Android down a little and moves a little more toward Apple’s idea of the App Store.

The phones in our pockets have become supercomputers that are changing the way we live. It’s now possible to do things we used to think were magic, or only possible on Star Trek—like get directions right from where we are standing; watch a video on YouTube; or take a picture and share the moment instantly with friends.

It’s why I’m excited to announce today that our Motorola Mobility deal has closed. Motorola is a great American tech company that has driven the mobile revolution, with a track record of over 80 years of innovation, including the creation of the first cell phone. We all remember Motorola’s StarTAC, which at the time seemed tiny and showed the real potential of these devices. And as a company who made a big, early bet on Android, Motorola has become an incredibly valuable partner to Google.

Overall this is a good acquisition for Google, and for the industry as a whole as if it all goes according to the presumed plan Apple and others will have some competition again.