Good riddance to RSS?

MG Seigler had this to say as commentary on Dan Frakes’s Macworld article, Mountain Lion: Hands on with Mail.

Previously, a (shitty) RSS reader was built into Mail. And Safari would sniff for RSS feeds. Both functionalities are now gone.

Good riddance.

Good riddance to RSS, or good riddance to OS X’s inbuilt crappy RSS ‘reading’ options?

If RSS is all but dead as a distribution method, what is the likely preferred distribution / delivery method for content? Should we be pushing all our content through twitter, Facebook, email subscriptions, apps, something else? Or all of the above?

How do non-geeks find and subscribe to content on the web, aside from Google? Do non-geeks even want to subscribe to websites, or is it a case of Google and forget?

Recently, as I’ve upped my article / link blog output I’ve noticed I’m receiving more traffic from twitter and Facebook.

I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should set up a separate twitter account, and a Facebook page, so that I’m not spamming my current follower and friend base. Whilst Facebook gives readers a quick overview of the post as well as any images I add in, plus also an easy way for them to comment, twitter’s 140 character limitation isn’t quite so forgiving.

I don’t know that there’s an actual single correct answer to all of this, tech and trends change every 5 minutes online, especially when it comes to social networking stuff ((Yes I know twitter and Facebook have lasted longer than 5 minutes, and likely will last a while longer)), however the one constant for a long while now for geeks and non-geeks alike, has been Google….so for now I reckon it’s a case of writing good content and making sure you keyword and what not well enough so that Google indexes it well enough.

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