★ Using Text Expander in Spreadsheets

It’s that time of year when we need to prep our new year price lists. Traditionally it’s a painful job. This year it’s actually become brilliantly easy since it dawned on my I could do a lot of the work with Text Expander.

The way our price lists are put together from our HQ don’t make the job easy for us to put together a distributor price list, and me hating working with spreadsheets probably doesn’t help the situation. Enter Text Expander.

So what I do now to work through the price list is simply enter .dgp which expands out to *0.6/0.89*1.04/90*100 which gives me the distributor price on devices, and .dga which expands to *0.6/0.89*1.04/80*100 for the distributor prices on accessories.

I’m sure if I was smarter I could probably do a single formula that would do all the conversions for me, but I’m not and this seems to be working so far.

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