★ Web content, advertising, and you

Jason from TechAu, like many of us, has grown a tad frustrated with how Internet is evolving now that the barrier to self publishing has all but disappeared, and I tend to agree.

It makes sense right, with a couple of ads, you make a little bit of money, so add more ads and you’ll make more money, right? Maybe Joe is ‘successful’, but the reality is, he just turned his corner of the internet into a virtual dumping group.

You only have to look at the websites of guys like John Gruber, Ben Brooks, Shawn Blanc, or even bigger ‘media’ sites like Macworld, The Verge, and even Mashable, to see that smaller, more relevant, and dare I say targeted, advertising works better and allows the content to stand on it’s own.

One of the other big issues, particularly with so many people using 3G connections, is that the page load times are becoming more and more important. The more advertising you run, particularly when you’re using multiple advertising networks, means the more http lookup requests have to be run. Using the website that Jason sites as an example, the homepage has over 60 external Javascript requests alone. That is just nuts! When you delve into an article it drops to 40 odd, but still that’s going to eat up your monthly data allowance pretty quickly with more and more ‘startup’ bloggers doing this sort of thing.

Now there was a time where I was also guilty of this sort of thing, however I rapidly learnt the error of my ways and have pretty much gotten rid of all advertising on this website. I have the luxury of writing this website as a hobby, and making an income from it does not matter at all, so it’s quite easy for me to say these things. But again, I’d like to point you in the direction of John Gruber and Shawn Blanc’s websites again, these guys are making a full time income off of their writing and you tell me how intrusive their advertising is.

I’ll finish up with one final quote from Jason’s article.

So my question is, why do we put up with this and why as website creators do we think this is a good solution to financing our operations? It’s a terrible user experience.