★ A Tale of Two Telco's

This afternoon I tried to pickup 2 data SIM cards to do some testing on a new device we are selling. I needed to test it with our two major providers in Australia, Optus and Telstra. Here’s a quick account of the process.
Optus took 45 minutes to setup a new account, verify ID, etc. as we didn’t already have an account with them. The main reason it took so long was because their sales “Dashboard” was down in the shop front, though they kept calling it the Internet, and they only had access to it in the back office.
Once that was complete I strolled next door to Telstra, this should be a quick and pain free account addition.
Telstra, who we already have an account worth roughly $1200 a month with, couldn’t add anything to my account without a letter of authorisation from me (yeah that makes no sense) as the business owner, even though I had previously authorised myself as being able to add services, change services, etc. Basically they cannot do anything for me. I love a business that all but refuses to take your money.
Cut to the end scene, I currently have an Optus SIM on my desk that I can test with and I’m awaiting a call back from our Telstra Business contact to try and get her to sort something out for me.