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★ Philips Vital Signs Camera

Philips have decided to have make a foray into the mobile, consumer level, medical world with their new iPad2 app, Vital Signs Camera. It’s quite interesting, and worth a play if you’ve got an iPad2 and 99c.

Vital Signs Camera is the only App that measures your heart rate and breathing rate remotely, simply using the camera of your iPad 2! Try it out now and experience another amazing innovation by Philips!

For measuring your heart rate, the iPad2 camera sees changes in the colour of your skin known as micro-blushes, which is basically the result of blood being pumped around your body. And for the breathing rate, they’re measuring changes in your chest as it expands (breathing in) and contracts (breathing out).
Nothing really tricky in play here, and the accuracy is very much non-diagnostic, but still the execution is nice.