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★ I finally ordered a Drobo S

Over the last 18 months I’ve amassed a bunch of external hard drives. I’ve got 2 x 2tb, 2 x 1tb, and 1 x 1.5tb that have my photos, videos, and iTunes libraries spread all over them. To say it’s a messy setup is an understatement.
Today, I’ve finally had enough of doing the media / photo shuffle and have ordered a Drobo S. I ended up going with the S, instead of the FS, as I already have a MacMini that acts as a ‘server’ at home and it will be far easier to integrate it into my Apple TV centric house than to try and setup another sharing device on our network. Fingers crossed it’s as easy as that.
Photo wise, I’ve got roughly 1.5tb of images that I’ve captured over the last 7-8 years. I’m hoping to trim that down a little once I get rid of the double-ups and any images that are not usable. Quite frankly it’s a pain in the butt to manage a medium sized photo library when you’re only a hobby photographer, I know Aperture and Lightroom make it easier, but when you’ve got multiple computers and occasionally you like to edit photos at work, as well as at home, it all gets a bit messy. Anyway, that’s another article in itself.
Come Sunday afternoon I hope to have all the data migrated over, and hopefully be well into the process of sorting it all out into a usable system.
Then comes the initial backup……